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You make
Games, We bring Gamers


You make games

We bring users

We share revenues


Minimum amount of users that your game could reach

$ per month

Dollars that your game could generate monthly


Countries where your game will be available

For Developers

Ez publish, Ez life

The PLAYTOO project has been developed to help developers first since as developers ourselves we had to struggle with different problems when it comes to publishing a game, thanks to our platform you will be able to publish your games on both PC and Mobile without having to go through: ASO Optimization, Graphic content creation, store policies check, review process, continuous updates, marketing planning and much more.

FREE Advertising and UA

Yes you’ve read correctly! We want the developers to be focused into making great games, the more time you have to spend away from the game-making process the more you will start to pivot towards selling schemes instead of game design features.We want to give you the freedom to do what you love, so we are gonna pay for the advertising of your game, we are gonna do cross-marketing between the games in our platforms and you will be able to see how many users will play your game.All this thanks to a revenue-sharing system between PLAYTOO and you.

No code integrations needed

Do you remember when we said that you don’t have to worry about store policies and reviews check?Well it goes even better than this since we are gonna integrate for you: the tracking system, the player registration flow, the cross-platform check, the revenue tracking system etc. and you will also be able to see all this and check the results that our platform will produce for you!

Play and
win for free


Play everywhere

Play with friends

Win real prizes


Available for you to play

$ per week

Dollars in real prizes that you can win per week


You will be able to play from every device

For Gamers

Tons of games, only one platform

PLAYTOO came to life to avoid the struggle for users that have to download tons of games to play with their friends, we are developing an all-in-one place where you can find a multitude of games from different genres without having to fill your PC or Mobile with icons of different games!Thanks to our innovative system you will be able to play on both your PC, Mac, Browser, Android Phone or iPhone.All your progress will be shared with all the devices and you will also be able to play with your friends from any device at any time!

Win a prize every week

Play and access for free, nothing to pay, all up for grab!
The more you will play on our platform the more chances you will have to win real prizes!We have an extraction every week where users can win real prizes.You can play multiple games or only one, it doesn’t matter, play as much as you like and play whatever you want, you will still collect chances of winning!Every week we will reset everyone’s chances to allow even new users to compete and have a chance of winning.Also remember to keep yourself updated for some limited edition season prizes.

Fight your friends and find new ones

Thanks to our cross-platform matchmaking system you will be able to challenge your friends inside the website or the app!You can play with your friends and gather chances or you can even play to “steal” chances to your friends!Will you be skilled enough to win?