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Playtoo Press Release – 25th Jan

Playtoo Promises A Mutually Beneficial Experience For Gamers and Developers

Dover, Delaware — The world of online gaming is about to get a huge shot in its proverbial arm, when Playtoo launches this Spring. So just what is Playtoo, you ask? Playtoo is a digital meet-ing point for both gamers, and game developers. Where players can sample a wide variety of html5 games, and developers can promote their latest releases, absolutely free. But beyond that, the brilliance of Playtoo is that it offers players the opportunity to obtain a multitude of rewards, including cash prizes. By participating in a series of curated tournaments, contests, and sweepstakes.

The platform will also feature on the spot integration, ensuring that every game is compatible with all mobile devices. This will particularly come in handy for those who like to switch back and forth between your iPhone or Android, and your tablet. Asynchronous gaming is the future, after all, and Playtoo has got you covered. This also targets bloatware. While some free games can be a drag on your devices, Playtoo ensures that its developers put out a final product that runs as smoothly, and efficiently as possible. However, an endeavor as ambitious as this simply cannot thrive without cooperation between gamers, and developers. After all, both parties are pertinent to each others success and ability to continue doing what they love.

Which is why Playtoo have decided on an ad-based revenue stream for the platform. This pipeline will then be expanded to include revenue sharing, where both developers, and users, will receive a percentage of money from in-game advertisements, and ads shown during highly contested player tournaments. This not only rewards both developers, and players for their work, but ensures the platform remains free as well.

Playtoo plans to build upon this model in the future by partnering with brands and companies, in an effort to create more robust promotional opportunities. An ad free subscription version of the service for players, and a separate promoted feature for developers looking to exponentially grow their presence on the platform, will also be rolled out later this year. While a huge base of gamers exist in Asia, Playtoo’s competition has not yet made themselves available to this market. Playtoo however, is expected to buck that trend and be present in Asia on day one including China towards the end of the year.

Playtoo will begin its soft launch, in March. Wherein which the platform will host just 25 games. Come May, another 25 games will debut on the service. By June, that number will increase two fold during what’s called a full launch, phase. July is when the deck will commence its expansion phase, and be fully available in both US, and European markets. By Fall 2021, Playtoo is expected to be available to users across the globe, including China. By then, most of its marketing efforts will be concentrated in the US. Right around this time, is also when the company will debut its first ever worldwide Game Jam for developers, as well as an interactive tournament featuring Playtoo’s — Gamers of the Year. If you’re a developer interested in joining the Playtoo team, please visit https://playtoo.io/.