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Tips on spending 75€ for your Mobile Game Installs

A few days ago on reddit we’ve found a post of a user having problems with Google Ads for a campaign to advertise his game.

The problems were:

  • Problems with image sizes, receiving errors even tho the size were correct
  • Even tho he set up a fixed daily price for the campaign, Google was spending more
  • Low CPI with Google spending all in India instead of USA
  • Store Visibility increased but without bringing that much results

So our marketing director took the time to explain to him a bit more of these things, we decided to post it here in case someone needs some help with it, if you have any other specific questions or need clarifications feel free to ask.

Niccolò: “Ok, i’m gonna try to be as direct as possible without going with a wall of text, i’ve worked in the marketing industry for videogames for 9 years, there’s a reason why there are people like me to do these things, Google and Facebook tries to “gift” coupons to bring you in making this mistakes that you made.

For example regarding images you have to carefully read what you can upload, even .jpeg is different from .jpg, 1kb can make your image wrong, the placement of those images is also very important, in any way the video ads are better but that’s another story.Last but not least it can also depend on the Browser that you use, using Chrome of course is best for Google, pretty much like when uploading content for the app on app store is suggested to use Safari.

Another wrong thing is not reading how the advertise on Google works, they don’t choose the budget looking at a daily fixed cap, they give you the daily cap as an average condition, they actually take your daily amount and multiply it for 30 days, so the first days you will spend most of your budget, then with the time it will get fixed, they do this because there might be some days where you are converting a lot with low CPI so they know that they can spend more and maybe spend less on another day, so when you choose a budget for your campaigns always think about a month of expenses, not days.

The result itself can be good, problem is that you’ve put India in the pool, Google will try to focus the goal of the campaigns in installations, in India not so many users spend money ( IAP ) and the ECPM is super-low, it’s a good market to get a pool of users to have big numbers on the store, but it’s not remunerative, so you should always create campaigns dedicated to your target with your target country.Also when you go up in ranking you will only go up in that specific country, each country has it’s own rating, that’s why i use services like AppRadar or AppAnnie to track what’s going on.

Last point is about visibility on the store: Google Play takes in account all the installations, even the paid ones, so having a marketing campaign can help in boosting the rank of your app; Apple store doesn’t take into account paid adv, only organic installs ( a work-around would be to pay an influencer for a video ).

To better explain this last point i will specify:

Google: the boost comes directly from the people that install your app ( plus other usual things like retention, reviews etc. )

Apple: the boost comes indirectly from users retention, users share of content, users playing time and users review, added to that sometimes Apple decide randomly to put you in first page or on boost on some countries and sections, also you will always notice a boost the first 2 weeks that your game is out because it tends to help you in getting users, just to see and evaluate the quality of your product.”


We hope these tips from Niccolò could help you as well!