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Why Hyper-Casual aggregators might be the next big thing?!

Playtoo as you might already know is a platform where gamers can play multiple Hyper-casual games without the need of downloading all of them, it’s an all in one place to play for free and get a chance of winning real prizes.
At the same time we focused on giving a valid chance to small game developers to publish their games and earn money without going deep into working on marketing, getting their game out etc.

Since the start of the development of the project we noticed a surge in newsletter subscriptions, social media following etc.
Apparently even excluding the “real prizes winning” feature gamers are looking forward to have a turn-key solution where they can easily play games without having to look to much around the stores or the different websites.

Because of this we started to work on the development of Playtoo’s mobile app right away to ensure that our users will be able to play from anywhere at any time.

Thanks to different market research we’ve discovered that in the past 3 years users have been downloading games way less compared to previous years, if you think about it you will probably have around 6 games on your phone and you swap through them from time to time, the hustle of looking for good compelling games has reduced significantly and that’s why hyper-casual games have taken a huge chunck of the gaming market, they are so called “snack-able games” for a reason:

  • they don’t weight too much
  • they have a high scalability
  • they don’t necessary require pay-walls or too much concentration to be played
  • you could play them for 20 seconds like 20 minutes

Of course this have their downside, thanks to Hyper-casual games the shelf life of mobile games have been reduced heavily introducing these mechanics and that’s why on Playtoo we ensure a quick rotation of our games, every month in fact we remove the less played games and replace them with something new, of course we don’t remove the old games from the platform, we try to rotate them sometimes to see if some updates can bring them back to life but thanks to this solution we ensure the gamers with fresh content constantly without having to look for it and at the same time we give the chance to our game developers to grow, learn from their previous mistakes and better understand the market.